Snowden’s Father Wants to Broker Deal so Son can return

Lonnie Snowden, Edward Snowden’s father, says he is attempting to arrange an agreement with members of the Department of Justice so his son can return.

Lonnie, in a letter addressed to the Justice Department said his son needed “ironclad assurances” that he would not be put in jail prior to a trial or have to live under a gag order. Snowden also wants to choose in what location he would face charges of espionage.

Snowden’s father said his brokering could end an impasse that has kept his son, who is 30, stuck in a Moscow airport transit zone and raised tensions between the U.S. and Russia, Ecuador and China.

Snowden, who released NSA documents, is seeking political asylum with Ecuador.

The elder Snowden is somewhat certain his son would return voluntarily to the U.S. if he were certain he would have his constitutional rights intact and was provided with a fair chance to explain what his motivations were to a judge.

Snowden’s father’s lawyer said that if any agreed upon conditions were violated or not honored, then the prosecution of Snowden would be dismissed.

A spokesperson for the Justice Department would not comment on the proposal sent in by Snowden’s father.

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador demanded that the government of the U.S. stop making suggestions that his country is trying to provoke the situation by offering a shield for Snowden from justice.

Correa has contended that the media welcomed Snowden’s leaks at first but later suggested he had committed treasonous acts.

In a tweet, Correa called it a joke, saying the media are making readers forget the terrible things Snowden denounced to the people of the U.S. and the world.

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