McDonald’s Premieres Blitz Box

TaMcDonald’s has gone outside the box, by premiering its new Blitz Box for $14.99. The BB has two Quarter Pounders, two medium fries and a box of 10 McNuggets.

The giant in the fast food business is offering this multi-person meal in a box in its Kansas City market. This is the first time the chain has offered this form of meal in the United States.

The new meal is linked to a local promotion that involves the Kansas City Chiefs NFL football franchise, hence the Blitz Box title.

The promotion was started on September 2 and will run at least the entire NFL season, said a spokeswoman for McDonald’s.

However, if the box turns out to be a big hit, it might expand further. Many industry analysts believe the chain will eventually try the box meal nationally to see if it catches on.

However, McDonald’s has not commented on the Box going national. With sales in fast food sales and restaurant sales either flat or down over the last quarter, McDonald’s, the largest player in the industry is determined to attempt almost anything to turn its ship around.

Outside the U.S., which is becoming a large generator of new products domestically, McDonald’s has offered food in boxes for a number of years.

It has a family dinner box in Australia, which includes four hamburgers, four French fries, four soft drinks and a box of McNuggets. In Central America, the chain offers for home delivery only, a family plan that has four hamburgers, four fries and four soft drinks.

Beware Domino’s and KFC, up until now the majority of fast food in bulk included pizza and chicken, since consumers generally can stomach cold pizza or chicken, but not cold burgers and especially not cold fries.

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